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Thinking about thinking about thinking.

Sound familiar?

Get coaching for overthinking in London.


Can't switch off?

You're not alone. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) can help you to make long-lasting change.

What people say

I find our sessions very beneficial – if I’m being honest, more so than I was expecting! Katie is a great listener, and very easy to talk to.

It was really great to speak to Katie. Her input has been invaluable in helping me with public speaking.

Our sessions are really helpful. Feeling much better and not triple checking so much!

Cut through the noise.

Take back control.

How does it work?

Reconnect with your strengths

Use the resources you have now to make lasting changes. 

Break bad habits


Drop unhelpful thought patterns for good using neurolinguistic programming techniques. 

Move forward with clarity

Learn how to connect with your willpower whenever you need it. 

Your journey with Thinky


First call 

Focus on what you need right now. Get immediate relief. 



Get clear on what you want. Understand potential obstacles. Leave with a plan of action. 



Understand the subconscious patterns holding you back. Edit the patterns to suit your needs. 


Make it happen

Learn tools to build confidence and clarity that you can use whenever, wherever.


About the coach

Hi, I'm Katie!

I'm an overthinker. Always have been. My experience of anxiety and overwhelm led me to a set of tools that I wish I'd known about ten years earlier. It's the reason I'm so adamant about spreading the word now. There's no need to wake up every morning with a weight in your chest and a million worries in your mind. There's a better way.

My qualifications

Certified neurolinguistic programming practitioner, MindGym accredited coach and full-time leadership coach. 

Check out our offers

Instant relief

Can't wait for a coaching session? Try out these free tools.


Building real teams

Struggling with team politics?

9 research-backed activities to bring your team together. Invest ten minutes a week and see lasting change.

Deal with your inner critic

Nagging yourself to death?

Understand what is it your inner critic really wants to get some relief. 


Relax now

Need a break now?

Quick and easy techniques to get you back on an even keel.

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